Authentication in Art 2020

In 2020 there will be another Authentication in Art congress.

Currently we are working on the details and will keep you updated when we know more.

Initial preparations for the AiA 2020 Congress:

  • Developing Guidelines on Scientific Protocols. The AiA Workgroup on Scientific Protocol will be developing best practices and standardized protocols for authentication research based on the ‘Universal Rules Authentication Process
  • Developing new Guidelines on Education. The AiA Workgroup on Education will build upon the AiA 2016 Guidelines on Education and develope a template course for art education focusing on interdisciplinarity and authenticity
  • Developing Guidelines on Art & Finance. The AiA Workgroup on Art & Finance will develop Guidelines dealing with the problems caused by inefficient information distribution in the art market
  • Establishing international accreditation for laboratories involved with the technical examination of artworks. AiA is looking into developing or amending international standards that can serve as an objective basis for the accreditation of these laboratories