Following the completion of the conservation treatment of The Lamentation of Christ, currently considered a work by Rogier van der Weyden and studio, the Mauritshuis and the RKD are organising a two-day scholarly symposium to present and discuss the results of the technical research and other issues concerning this intriguing painting. Tickets are now available in our webshop.

Programme and speakers

The complete programme includes the following speakers: Maryan Ainsworth, Marjolijn Bol, Kirsten Derks, Esther van Duijn, Marijn Everaarts, Lieve d’Hont, Stephan Kemperdick, Suzanne Laemers, Annelies van Loon, Chiara Modesti, Carol Pottasch, Bernhard Ridderbos, Jochen Sander, Ariane van Suchtelen and Abbie Vandivere.

Information and tickets

For more information, see this website